Improving Lives With Access To
Meaningful Employment,
Entrepreneurism Education And
Basic Human Services

What We Invest In

Basic Needs

We believe access to meaningful employment significantly improves a family’s life.

Job Creation

Colorado’s least fortunate continue to need basic human services that help remove barriers to seeking and maintaining employment.

Foster Entrepreneurism

Helping people reach self-sufficiency and beyond through entrepreneurship has a multiplier effect on our State, creating new net jobs.

Arts & Culture

We believe a robust Arts & Culture sector leads to a strong sense of community and long-term economic development.
Kenneth King’s success was based on his integrity, his entrepreneurial view of life and his constant pursuit to find or make a way to accomplish his dreams. His friends and colleagues knew him as a resourceful, frugal, competitive and hard working leader with excellent financial and investment knowledge. Kenneth King’s entrepreneurial spirit, such as his commitment to “doing what works” and “getting the job done no matter what,” gave him the discipline to focus on setting measurable action plans to obtain his goals and objectives. All the while, Kenneth King insisted and ensured the very highest quality standards in obtaining his goals and objectives.
Throughout his life, Kenneth King placed high value on individuals with similar qualities to his own: a solid work ethic, and the drive and initiative to improve their lives.

The Kenneth King Foundation carries on Kenneth King’s firm belief that the best way to improve individuals and the communities they live in is to support and cultivate entrepreneurs, business ideation, job creation and ultimately, economic development.

The Kenneth King Foundation focuses the majority of its grantmaking on job creation and entrepreneurship and on basic needs services and programs that help remove barriers to employment and entrepreneurism.

In addition, we have set aside a small percentage of our grantmaking for arts and culture organizations in Colorado, these funds are board designated.

The Foundation funds only organizations within Colorado.

Impact Investing Fund

The Foundation has launched a Program Related Investment Fund and will consider lending capital to mission-aligned non-profit and for-profit organizations

The Funding Areas

Job Creation & Entrepreneurship

The Foundation considers grants and program-related investments to organizations actively creating jobs and fostering economic development for Colorado’s underserved population. Programs of interest include Community Development Financial Institutions, entrepreneurship training programs for the underserved and job training and readiness programs that result in transitional and/or long-term employment.

Basic Human Needs

The Foundation’s basic human needs funding area considers grants and program-related investments. Our funding concentrates on removing barriers to employment for Colorado’s most at-risk populations. Programs of interest include those that provide integrated basic human services alongside transitional and long-term employment programming, case management, transitional or supported housing that assists in increasing access to employment, adult education, transportation and childcare programs.

The Foundation does not fund in the following areas and programs:

  • Adaptive sports programs
  • Animal-related projects
  • Conferences, events or seminars
  • Domestic violence shelters and services
  • Emergency housing, homeless shelters and long-term housing without integrated employment case management
  • Food banks and pantries
  • Health organizations
  • Hospice care
  • Individuals
  • Libraries
  • Media, radio or film-related projects
  • Public policy, lobbying and civic education
  • Research projects
  • Schools (public, charter or private)
  • Search and Rescue organizations
  • ​Senior programs (nursing homes, extended-care facilities, respite care)
  • Start-up projects (organizations must be in operation for at least two consecutive years with financial statements compiled/reviewed/audited by a third-party)
  • Vision- or hearing-impairment programs
  • Youth mentoring programs without integrated career pathway programming

How To Apply

The Kenneth King Foundation accepts grant applications by invitation only. Invitations to apply for a grant are sent to mission-aligned organizations throughout the year, generally no later than 30 days before the grant proposal deadline. The Foundation has instituted two deadlines to apply for funding:

March 1 – Basic Human Needs that remove barriers to employment 

September 1 – Entrepreneurship & Jobs Programs

For organizations who are interested in applying but did not receive an invitation to apply, they may submit a letter of inquiry alongside year-to-date financials (statement of income and balance sheet). The Foundation will notify these organizations if they are eligible to apply for funding for their respective deadline. We ask that letters of inquiry be emailed to no later than January 31st for the Basic Human Needs deadline and July 30th for the Entrepreneurship & Jobs Programs deadline. Click here for an FAQ that provides you with more information on what we would like your LOI to include. 

For those organizations interested in discussing their program with Foundation staff,

click on the phone icon below to schedule a 15-minute grant informational call.